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Hi, a budding business strategist in my 20s here. As a bundle of confusing contradictions all my life, I have always struggled to ‘fit in’. Even those who know me best have always been baffled by my tendency to be open-minded but seem standoffish, my love for deep conversations but hate for wide-scale socializing, and my over-analysis of relationships. And trust me, I was equally mystified by how people love working in big teams, become the life of the party, and follow their heart over mind.

Then I encountered the wonderland of personality types.

As my obsession with learning about my personality grew, I found the answers to some life-long questions: Why did that client personally thank the team’s social butterfly when I did most of the ground work? Why does my mom hate when I try to offer solutions to a problem than a simple listening ear? Why do my friends assume that I’m angry with them when I text sparingly and/or without emojis?

So, (logically) the next question was: What if I could help other INTJs understand themselves better and succeed at work, social situations, and life in general?

That’s how Sincerely, INTJ  was born!

Your friendly, neighborhood Gandalf in the world of INTJ insights, if you like. (Did you know that Gandalf himself was an INTJ?) Here, you’ll find a bunch of personal and career-specific tips, ideas, and stories from my real-life experiences as an INTJ.

When I’m not obsessing over every email at work, you can find me falling down the rabbit hole of personality insights, supernatural fantasy novels and making attempts at dancing.

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