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I've spent the majority of my career asking myself what it means to create impact and constantly improve. What originated with legal research and contracts — a desire to use legal insights to inform sound business decisions — shifted to something more tangible: business strategy. I wanted to learn how to leverage a business's goals, its products/services and its target market to help the business grow. I've spent my time since, through internships, grad school, self-education and software shops, learning how to do this. I strive to translate these insights into outcomes: well-rounded strategic decisions and more engaging client deliveries.

My approach to strategy combines logic, intuition, and curiosity. It's also what I try to build into my interactions with stakeholders.

LOGIC: "Make me think"

Create pathways for stakeholders to achieve business objectives based on research-driven insights.

INTUITION: "Don't make me think"

Understand how stakeholder psychology, knowledge, desires and biases affect business decisions. Take cues from implied needs and build inherent supporting structures.

CURIOSITY: "Tickle me"

Help stakeholders take their intellectual interests to the next level. Invite intrigue, excitement and play.

My alice.png

In my free time, I enjoy falling down the rabbit hole of personality insights, supernatural fantasy novels, and attempting to dance. 

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