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Uday Inamdar

CEO, ITCube Solutions Inc.

Tanvi has been a valuable addition to ITCube’s go-to-market strategy over the last 2 years. What started as her involvement in product marketing quickly transitioned to more strategic responsibilities. She has initiated and managed some high-impact projects such as our partnership with a tier-1 client growth vendor, business pitches to Fortune 500 leaders, website content strategy, and our Canadian partnerships. Recently, she has also been building her people management capabilities by managing our summer intern and a couple other research/outreach personnel. She is extremely good at researching various business domains and coming up with presentations around possible business scenarios and solutions. She has a good grasp on contemporary technologies like Analytics, RPA etc. Above all, she has good articulation and communication skills and has been able to effectively drive the meetings with senior management. I look forward to seeing her grow with the organization.

Abdullah pic.jpeg

Abdullah Parkar

IT Delivery Head, ITCube Solutions Inc.

Tanvi and I worked on various projects together, following are a few key projects: • CIENCE partnership

• Business pitches to a key Account Manager in the US and different contacts • Video production (especially the 8 ITeamUp videos), and

• Partnership with a Canada contact for ITeamUp.

She is a great team player, has an amazing grasping power and is a key team member involved in defining our go-to-market strategy.

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Rebecca Apps

Humber Postgraduate Program Colleague

I'm very grateful to have been given the opportunity to work alongside Tanvi throughout my time at Humber College. We had the chance to collaborate on a project for Business in the Streets (BITS), a community-focused charity that provides practical business training and mentorship for under-served young people. She was the perfect team member and had wonderful insight to share throughout our work together. Her professionalism and knowledge of the business industry was evident in her efforts. I look forward to seeing where her careeer and strong work ethic will take her.

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